How Intellibet Works

  • Step 1 Enter Your Picks Everyday Choose Your Systems Wisely

    Each and every day take a few minutes and enter your picks into Intellibet. We offer lines for every major US sport and European football leagues for you to choose from. Your picks are automatically graded every morning followed by an automated analysis used to discover your strengths and weaknesses in the form of personalized trends.

  • Step 2 Watch Your Trends Emerge Track Them Every Day

    As you continue to track your daily picks the sample size of graded picks Intellibet has to analyze grows. Hence, your arsenal of proprietary trends becomes stronger and more meaningful as time goes by. These trends will help you establish consistent winning sports betting strategies that can be used your entire lifetime.

  • Step 3 Bet With Confidence Daily Bet With Confidence

    When one or more of your trends matches up with a pending pick, you are notified through a system of website and email alerts right up until game time. Follow the betting suggestions that Intellibet offers or analyze the matching trends yourself to determine whether you should place a bet and how much to risk.


Intellibet Helps You WIN

You can win at sports betting by establishing methodical handicapping and wagering strategies that give you a long term edge over your sports book. That's exactly what our revolutionary sports handicapping software that we spent the last five years developing is designed to do for you. Simply put, Intellibet is how to win sports betting and earn significant profits on a consistent basis year after year for the rest of your life.

Don't believe the hype? Check out these results from over three months of Intellibet Power Plays - picks we generate solely from using Intellibet to track all of our handicapping systems. From October to December 2012 we we registered over 32 units of virtual profit with our baseball, basketball, pro & college football picks. That equates to over $7,500 in hypothetical earnings when wagering just $250 per selection! Plug in your typical wager amount below to see how much you could have earned.

Now let's forget the hypothetical. Do you want to see the same kind of success in your real-life wagering? Get started with an Intellibet license today and take your sports betting results to a new winning level.

Intellibet Power Plays Results

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Intellibet Helps You WIN

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