How do line movements affect sports bettors?

Have you ever placed a bet and then minutes later the line moved up by a point, leaving you with an uneasy feeling that you just made a losing wager?  To many sports bettors, deciphering the meaning of line movements has been a long time mystery.  Sports betting is as much a mental game as the analytical and situational side side of handicapping a game.  Sports books have been known to take full advantage of this phenomenon to gain an edge over players beyond the standard house vig.  Line movements play a key role in confusing the sports bettor, causing them to doubt themselves and sometimes put in a wager that contradicts hours of handicapping solely because of the direction and how much a line moves prior to a game starting.  How do you soar above these mental tricks that the books use?  Sure, sometimes lines move because of heavy insider “sharp” money on a side, or sometimes they move because the public unexpectedly jumps on a side the books did not expect and they need to even out the action.  But, that is not always the case.  How can you remain confident that even when the line has moved against you that your wager is still a profitable opportunity?  How do you stay strong in the wake of an obvious public choice that fits your winning system even though the line keeps dropping?

We’ve developed a way to answer these questions for you with the newest addition to Intellibet.  Line movement trends look at your picks in relation to how the line moved prior to a game starting.  For example, let’s say you’ve been tracking a pro football home underdog system with Intellibet for the past 2 seasons and it wins at a rate of 51.3%, basically an even proposition.  The new line movement analysis part of Intellibet may search the line movement history of each of those picks and let you know that when the closing line (15 minutes prior to the game starting) was higher than the opening line by 1 or more points that the system hits at 60.9%, almost a 10% increase from your raw system data and surely profitable!  So, when the line for your current home underdog pick that starts in 15 minutes has moved up by 1.5 points, you are alerted and can bet with confidence that even though the line is moving against you, you are still on the right side.

Confidence breeds success.  That’s why we built Intellibet, to build a backbone behind your wagers strong enough to take on the mental, situational and analytical sides to sports betting, leaving you profitable and successful at the game you love most.


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