How it works / FAQs

The Pick Exchange exists to make its members better sports handicappers and smarter sports bettors by using our proprietary patent pending software, Intellibet. Consult the below FAQ to answer our most common questions.


What is Intellibet?

Intellibet is the first turnkey sports handicapping software of its kind that combines several methods of statistical analysis to evaluate your handicapped or "raw" picks and offer advice on which and how much to wager on each selection. Intellibet's method of evaluation is currently patent pending with the USPTO.

How can Intellibet help me become a winning sports bettor?

It's quite simple, really. By following the advice Intellibet offers you each and every time you enter picks, combined with a disciplined wagering strategy, Intellibet helps you focus your money on picks that are proven to win at a higher rate and offer more value.

Why does Intellibet work?

Intellibet works because it provides that extra edge that the vast majority of sports bettors will never have. Running on our proprietary multidimensional database, the data Intellibet analyzes contains information that the books can't combat because over 50% is completely proprietary to you. In essence, Intellibet handicaps how you handicap, giving you a unique and personal advantage that can't be duplicated, or sold to you by a third-party so-called expert.

What sports and fixtures does Intellibet work for?

Intellibet works for all major US and European sports. American sports include NFL, NCAA college football, MLB, NBA, NCAA college basketball, NHL, MLS and WNBA. European fixtures include England Premiership, Spain La Liga, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Italy Serie A and UEFA Champions League.

What is the importance of historical data in relation to Intellibet?

It's all about sample size, baby. Intellibet gets stronger and stronger over time because the larger the pool of historical data it can pull from - whether it's your personal history of graded picks or our database of completed games - the more accurate Intellibet becomes when offering advice.

How much does Intellibet cost?

An Intellibet license is $59/month or $499/year. We recommend purchasing a full year license because the full power of Intellibet is realized over the long-term, and you'll end up saving over $220 by doing so. That's why most sports bettors lose - by thinking in the short term. Think long term and Intellibet will do the rest of the legwork for you. Our license is 1/3 the cost of many competitors that in fact only offer the situational piece of the sports handicapping puzzle. In short, we provide a lot more, for a lot less.

If Intellibet truly works, why does it cost 1/3 the price of your competitors?

Good question. The main reason is because it does, admittedly, take a little work on your part to log in every day and spend a few minutes entering your picks. Also, though Intellibet does offer advice using the situational aspect of handicapping the moment you join, it takes some time for all the pieces of Intellibet's patent pending handicapping formula to kick in as you build your pick history.

Can I try Intellibet for free?

Yes, both the monthly and yearly license come with a 30 day free trial to test drive Intellibet.

OK, I'm ready! How do I purchase a license to start using Intellibet?

Good decision, friend. Click here to sign up for your free no-obligation 30 day trial now.

Are future enhancements to Intellibet included at no additional charge?

YES. Intellibet is only going to get stronger over time as we implement enhancements to the product. That's why it's in your best interest to join right away and start building up your pick history immediately, so that you can take full advantage of every enhancement made.

How do I incorporate advice I receive from Intellibet into a bankroll management system?

Please click here to learn about the bankroll management system we recommend using in conjunction with Intellibet.

Custom Analytics (Intellibet Advanced)

What are Custom Analytics?

Custom Analytics, or Intellibet advanced functionality, is designed for the Intellibet user that wants to take the software to the next level. Don't get us wrong, Intellibet works great without ever having to use advanced functionality. But, it works even better for those that have curious minds and understand how to hone in on important statistical information.

How can Custom Analytics help me profit even more using Intellibet?

Intellibet uses thousands of predefined queries for each statistical analysis method that plays a role in the wagering advice Intellibet offers you after evaluating your "raw" picks. Custom Analytics gives you the power to run queries of your proprietary pick history, your interactive combined pick history or our historical game database dating back to 2008 to discover optimal profitable circumstances that Intellibet may have overlooked. For instance, maybe you have a hunch that you are great picking NFL games where the ATS line is right at 3. While Intellibet is searching for a line range of Pk to +3 or +3 to +7, you can search your pick history for just +3, and may discover you do much better when the line is right at +3. Save your query and Intellibet will track it automatically and forever factor it into the evaluation of your picks, until you choose to delete your saved query.

Are Custom Analytics included with an Intellibet license?

Yes. If you own an active Intellibet license, you have access to everything offered on the site.

What is Personal Analysis?

Personal analysis answer the question, "What's my record when I pick X?". Intellibet analyzes your complete graded pick history, telling you precisely what type of picks are most profitable for you.

What is Situational Analysis?

Situational analysis is sport, league or team specific trends that are generated by querying our game database dating back to 2008. Custom Analytics gives you the power to discover trends beyond Intellibet's predefined queries. Simply run a search and save any team trend you find that you think is worth tracking. From then on, Intellibet will track the record of that trend and use it in the evaluation of your raw picks.

What is Interactive Analysis?

Interactive analysis answers the question, "What's my cumulative record when another Intellibet user X and I made the same exact pick on the same game?". Interactive analysis connects you with other Intellibet license holders and discovers those whose handicapping methods perfectly complement yours. In other words, you may account for angles A and B in your handicapping, while another Intellibet user might account for angles C and D. The product of your handicapping, your picks, represents your handicapping methods. So, when your picks match up, they win at a higher rate than you do by yourself for a particular sport, league or fixture. Intellibet searches your top "partners" for matching picks for upcoming games and incorporates that into its analysis of your raw picks.

What is the Intellibet consensus?

Intellibet consensus is available only to active Intellibet license holders and shows the percentage of picks made on either side of a line for an upcoming game.

What are systems?

Systems are used to track certain picks separately from your "regular" picks. For instance, you may start a system called "Best Bets" to track picks you make that you feel extra confident about. Or, you may start a system called "NFL Unders" to track a new NFL under system you've always wanted to try out. You may classify any qualifying pick as a system pick before final confirmation. By "qualifying", we mean for example that Intellibet won't let you classify an NFL pick under a system you created for the NBA.

How do I start a system?

Select Create A System under the 'System Tracker' section of your Intellibet Dashboard. Follow the directions on the page and you'll have a new system created in a jiffy.

Member Basics

Where do I set, modify or update my profile?

Expand the Info section of the Other Features part of your Intellibet Dashboard and then select 'Edit Your Profile'.

How do I make my picks?

Click Your Dashboard in the top navigational menu and then select 'Make Picks' in your Intellibet Dashboard. Game lines for the sport you have chosen will display on the right side of the page.

What type of picks can I make?

Simulated moving game lines are offered for all major US and European sports, including Money Line, ATS, Run Line, Goal Line, Puck Line and O/U lines. Lines update every 15 minutes to reflect the current market odds.

How are my picks graded?

All picks are weighted the same using a flat unit scale. For more information about pick grading, click here.

Where can I view my stats?

Expand the Info section in the Other Features part of your Intellibet Dashboard and click "Your Statistics". Your records and unit totals are broken down by sport, bet type and time period.

How do I share picks with the public?

Before confirming your picks on the Pick Summary page, check off the box under the "Share Pick" column. You may also enter an explanation or write-up for your pick.

Free Stuff

Where can I check line movement for a game?

Click on Game Matchups in the top navigational menu and click "View" under the Line Movement column for any game you wish to see line movement for.

Where can I view shared picks from Intellibet users?

If an Intellibet user decides to share any of their selections with the public, you can click the Game Matchups link in the top navigational menu. Then, click "View" under the Shared Picks column for any game you wish to see shared picks for.

What is Trend Search and how does it work?

Trend Search offers a very limited version of the situational analysis aspect used by Intellibet. Choose from the following filters: Sport, Team, Opponent, Bet Type, Team Location and Time Period.