Intellibet® uses your graded pick history to create an arsenal of trends proprietary to you. When you enter new picks into the software they are "reverse" handicapped against your trends and you are advised which are strong betting opportunities.

Intellibet® was created for sports bettors that...
  • Wager year round on several major US sports and/or European soccer leagues
  • Have established systems and handicapping methods and/or new ideas to try out
  • Seek success without relying on overpriced services and third party information
  • Desire to perfect profitable betting on baseball strategies by tracking their system ideas
  • Have an analytical mind

  • Fact: Over 97% of the sports betting public loses in the long run.

    The core reason for this epidemic of losing is the house "vig" or "juice", which typically accounts for a 10% markup on every betting line. For instance, a bettor will be required to lay $110 to win $100. This means that the average sports bettor who wins 50% of his or her bets, will still lose $5,000 wagering $100 per bet over the course of 1000 bets. Raise that winning percentage by just 3%, and that same bettor will gain $1,300. Raise it to 57% and profits increase to nearly $10,000. So, we spent the last four years developing Intellibet® with the sole purpose of gaining that extra edge required to beat that house vig.

    Intellibet® uses a unique combination of personal analysis, situational analysis, interactive analysis and line movement analysis to evaluate each of your daily selections and offer betting advice. Your results using Intellibet grow stronger over time based on principles of sample size and common factors that surround a game, including factors that the books can't fight because they are proprietary only to you.

    Simply put, the key factor that drives Intellibet's functionality and makes it succeed where other systems fail is you. All you need to do is take 5-10 minutes per day to enter your picks into the software. From there, Intellibet® does all the work for you, gauging the performance of every system you track by team, matchup, situation, line movement and other factors. In essence, Intellibet® "reverse" handicaps your systems. As time goes by, just follow the advice you receive, wager accordingly using our suggested bankroll management system or your own and experience success you've always dreamed of with the hobby you love.

    Intellibet® IN ACTION

    We've thoroughly tested and used Intellibet® for over 2 years and have achieved consistent, significant profit over that time. Intellibet® works by analyzing your pick history on a daily basis and generating several unique types of trends. In particular, four types of trends are created: Personal trends, Team trends, Interactive trends and Line Movement trends. Personal trends, Interactive trends and Line Movement trends are proprietary only to you while team trends are shared amongst all Intellibet® users. Dark Red and Red trends represent negative growth potential and may result in Intellibet® advising you to actually BET AGAINST one or more of your picks. Green and Blue trends represent positive growth and may result in Intellibet® advising you to BET ON one or more of your picks. Blue trends in particular represent extremely positive growth potential. We tracked all of our system picks that matched Blue personal trends from September 2011 onward using our TPE Blue system, which has achieved a virtual profit of over $60,000 over one year wagering a hypothetical $1000 per selection.* Here's two charts. The first chart represents the resultsof our Money Line "TPE Blue" plays while the second chart is for ATS and O/U plays. We even took the liberty to post each of these selections at a 3rd party source for the ultimate of skeptics. If the proof is in the pudding, grab a spoon and dig in.

    *Results derived using multiple accounts ranging from 1-5 years of historical graded picks. Any performance data expressed on this website is an indication of past performance and does not indicate or guarantee future results.

    How to Get Started Using Intellibet®

    • Choose the systems you want to track.

      Step 1 Wisely choose the systems you want to track.

      Maybe you have numerous handicapping systems you've been tracking for years with a spreadsheet. Or, maybe you're looking to test out new betting on baseball strategies. Either way, choosing the right systems to track with Intellibet is the key to your success. Try to select systems that are as objective as possible and that result in a greater number of picks. Intellibet is specially designed to dissect and analyze the graded picks for all of your systems and determine their respective strengths and weaknesses.

    • Enter your picks into Intellibet

      Step 2 Login and enter your picks every single day.

      Intellibet offers real-time moving ATS, O/U and Money Lines from one of the most respected online sports books in the industry for you to choose your picks from. And, your picks are graded automatically every single night. So, all you need to do is take a short amount of time each day to enter your system picks into the software and Intellibet does the rest of the work for you. It's that simple.

      Situational analysis carries you into the world of Intellibet®. Each of your picks is crossed against our team trend database containing over 20,000 trends you won't find anywhere else. From the day you start using Intellibet you'll receive smart betting advice...but that's just the beginning. As your graded pick history grows, your very own proprietary Personal, Interactive and Line Movement trends start to develop and momentum starts to build.

    • Follow your advice and bet accordingly.

      Step 3 Follow your advice and bet accordingly.

      As you continue to use Intellibet® each and every day, all pieces of the analytical puzzle come together and the software quickly becomes your most trusted sports betting consultant. Armed with proprietary information that the books don't have access to and combined with a disciplined wagering plan, you finally have the power in your hands to become a successful sports investor FOR LIFE.

      Check out the Intellibet® ratings guide.


    Intellibet® Advice Examples

    Here are some examples of betting advice you may receive from Intellibet after submitting your picks. Within seconds, Intellibet compares each pick against every trend in your account and generates advice based on those that match up!

    Bet On

    Intellibet Bet On Example

    Bet Against

    Intellibet Bet Against Example


    Intellibet Pass Example

    Try Intellibet®

    Intellibet works for us and it can work for you. Ready to kick the tires and give it a try? The longer you use it, the more sophisticated your data becomes, and the closer you get to generating consistent SIGNIFICANT profits betting on sports. So, don't waste any more time and get started today!